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Our Design Process

Starting with a design is always exciting. I love stones of all types and while looking at the stones I get inspired to see how the finished product will look.The color, size, shape of the varying stones tells me to either make this a contemporary piece, traditional piece, or trendy piece. I select other stones that will compliment the design even more.

After selecting stones which enhance each other, I put additional flair by adding accent pieces such as copper, sterling silver or pewter. Once this selection is completed, I figure out the length that will suit the size and shapes of the stones.

I always use 49strands of wire to make sure the design will have the strength for the size and weight of the stones. The next step is selecting the clasp for the securing of the piece. It to has to be the right one for the size and weight of the stones and over-all design. When I am knotting pearls with silk thread, the thread has to be the appropriate thickness for the size of the hole of the pearl . This is very crucial for the best knotting results.

After the stones, wire, complimentary stones, findings and clasp is selected, is when I start to assemble the necklace. The pattern can be whatever you want it to be. Placing the stones on a special board will help you see your choices easier. Now is when I assemble the necklace. Once assembly is completed, I use a clasp, and a crimp to finish the one side. The other side I use a crimp and an O ring to secure the end.

When the piece is complete, I use a split ring to attach a tag with my initials to show it is a signed piece. Then Wha-la my design is complete.

"Karen Miller of KSM Designs is truly a skilled artist! Her one-of-a-kind, quality jewelry designs are created with pride using the finest gemstones, silver, and related materials available. When my out-of-state sister’s milestone birthday was just weeks away, I wanted to get her something really special. So I steered her to the KSM Designs website under the pretext of us just sharing what we felt were some of our favorites among Karen Miller’s custom jewelry pieces. Once I was aware of my sister’s preferences, I contacted Karen and made my purchase with the confidence that “sis” was receiving a very personal “surprise” gift of her choice that she would treasure forever. Since then, I have purchased other pieces for those extraordinary people in my life for special occasions…and “just because.” Jewelry designer Karen Miller, of KSM Designs, is my “go-to person” for fabulous jewelry!"

-JoAnn, Colorado


I have purchased jewelry from KSM designs for years. In my opinion, the jewelry I have purchased has been at a reasonable price and of high quality. The owner, Karen, has a unique ability to blend different gems into one cohesive piece which delivers opulence and uniqueness with each creation. No two pieces are alike which is what I like most about KSM Designs. I would highly recommend KSM designs for your next jewelry purchase.

-Mike, Lakewood Co.

I have bragged more than once about my 'one of a kind' designer jewelry. Love Karen's creativity!

-Jeanne S.


Whenever I need a uniquely designed jewelry that is made of precious stones and high quality, I always turn to KSM. She designs and makes a piece that reflects my style and personality. It is a pleasure to give one of her pieces as a gift , as they are truly one of a kind and always appreciated. The compliments I receive when wearing a KSM designed necklace and earrings are numerous. The workmanship is superb and the service excellent.

-Berit D.


My go to jeweler for one of a kind piece is KSM Designs. Karen has the most beautiful stones and the designs she creates are beautiful.The quality of her materials and her craftsmanship is superb. The prices are very reasonable also. I see a long future with myself and Karen at KSM design.

-Joyce M.


I bought a silver and turquoise necklace from KSM. This was a very delicate piece with lots of silver circles with small turquoise drops throughout the necklace. This is about 30" to 35" long as I prefer a longer necklace. It is beautiful but simple. It took a lot of skillful work to design and time to make this necklace. I have enjoyed wearing it.

-Mary Ann, Colorado


Karen of KSM Designs is wonderful to work with if you are looking for that special, one of kind jewelry. She listens to what you want and then takes time to work with you. She also gives great ideas and feed back towards items that she either feels would look good for your personal style or the friend that you are shopping for. I’ve enjoyed watching a friend receive a gift that was created by Karen and all I can say is that the experience was thrilling! Karen is kind, affordable, professional and just a joy to do business with.She, herself, is one of kind.

-Janet R., Colorado


The quality and beauty of the jewelry Karen makes is exceptional.I have many pieces from her, some that are 10 plus years old and they all are still in perfect shape and look like new. I am very happy with all of my jewelry and will recommend Karen to everyone.

-Angela M.

Meet Karen Miller

Karen Miller


I am Karen S. Miller of KSM Designs. I moved to Colorado in 1979 with my husband and two sons. After many years of being a stay -at -home mom, I took a position with a medical firm making critical device implants. After 21 years, I retired to pursue my dream and passion of designing jewelry. I am now able to create and make my own designs.

Designing, one-of-a-kind pieces, gives me great satisfaction to see my designs come to life when worn. KSM Designs K & S are me and the M is my husband. We have lived in the Evergreen area for 33 years and still love living here. I worked for a locally based medical firm making critical device implants for 21 years. Approaching retirement I then decided to really pursue my passion for making jewelry. 17 years of retailing commercial jewelry, I thought It was time to create my own line of one of a kind jewelry.

In search for the unusual stones, and keeping in mind varying tastes and price ranges, and no creative limits, I continue to enjoy the journey of designing and making for the pure pleasure of seeing my pieces come to live. Changing with economic times, I have incorporated an additional line to reach an even larger cliental. This new line is still one of a kind, handcrafted, tagged with my personal tag, but adding mixed metals makes this new line more affordable. My designs allow me to retail at juried art in the parks, and attend wholesale trade shows throughout the states. Custom pieces are very welcomed. Wear your selection in good health and happiness.

Karen S. Miller

- KSM Designs